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Tremor Monitor

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Execute tremor studies in rats and mice with accuracy and review your data in raw or report format with intuitive, menu-based software.

  • FFT reporting of tremor frequencies
  • Records continuous movement waveform at 128Hz for 30 minutes and more
  • Complete movement record can be reviewed in adjustable intervals
  • Easy to use, intuitive, menu-based software
  • Easily run up to four test stations from a single computer

The SDI tremor monitor system allows you to record, review, analyze and report tremor studies in rats and mice. Using an ultra-sensitive movement sensor, Tremor Monitor differentiates tremor events from ambulatory/stereotyped movements and will record continuous movement waveforms at 128Hz for over 30 minutes.

Run up to four test stations from one computer, and then use the point-and-click software to display your test results in graphical and/or numerical formats. Tremor Monitor also offers comprehensive reporting, including FFT Power Spectrum, Filtered Increments, and Percent Energy.

Tremor Monitor System Components Include:

  • Test cabinet in composite (ABS)
  • Animal Enclosure (one size for both mice and rats)
  • Power Supply
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Tremor Monitor Software
  • Tremor Sensor
  • Software Utilities for Data Analysis

ABS Isolation Cabinet – 15” (W) x 14” (D) x 18” (H)
Control Box – 10.25” (W) x 10.25” (D) x 4 3/8” (H)


24 lbs. (Isolation Cabinet), 3 lbs. (Control Box)

Material Composition

Isolation Cabinet: ABS plastic, Control Box: Plastic, Animal Enclosure: Acrylic

Maximum # of Stations:

8 per computer



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