Radial Arm Maze


Ideal for spatial learning or memory tasks, the Radial Arm Maze’s structure allows animals to select among eight arms. After selecting one arm, animals must return to the center before choosing another. San Diego Instruments (SDI) is the only company offering the Radial Arm Maze with interchangeable floors and clear walls. SDI’s Radial Arm Maze also comes in a variety of additional colors, and includes manual entry doors to close off selected arms. SDI’s Radial Arm Maze is uniquely designed to be easy to use, clean and transport, as well as highly versatile. Backed by a one-year warranty and our first-rate customer service, purchasing SDI’s Radial Arm Maze guarantees you an exemplary product and ongoing support.

    More Info: LimeLight is a general purpose video tracking program for Open Field, Plus Maze, Radial Arm Maze, Zero Maze, Novel Object Recognition, Conditioned Place Preference, Barnes Maze, and other similar experiments. It will track 4 animals at once, has easy set-up of zones and grids, and extensive analysis functions for quantifying behavior.